Swadesh BD (USA) is an American Corporation incorporated in the state of New York. Our mission is to Serve the niche ethnic food markets in the international arena with products that are manufactured at Heartlands of Bangladesh. Our vision is to build a sustainable business that will not only satisfy our diverse customer base around the world but will also enhance the financial, economic, and environmental stability of the lives of the workers from Bangladesh who are the driving force behind our products

Our Brand
Our Brand Ultra Zest

To develop the Bangladeshi ethnic food market throughout the entire globe by providing high quality products with value added service.

We Believe in Quality & Service. Ultra Zest Food certified byHazard Analysis Critical control point (HACCP). It follows US-FDA regulations at all times. Ultra Zest Brand all Foods have Manufacturing & Packaging in an environment of international standards. This Product is always implied by our QC team & then packaged and delivered to a store near you. You can trust the Ultra Zest Brand Food Products.