Our Factory

Environmental safety is one of our topmost priorities, considering that we have implemented state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to ensure eco-friendly and sustainable. See More Image

Our Mission

To become a trusted and globally recognized food and beverage

Our Vision

Our Vision is to serve the Bangladeshi ethnic food markets over the entire globe through responsible manufacturing practices and creation of jobs utilizing the untapped potential of the people of Bangladesh.</>


To develop the Bangladeshi ethnic food market throughout the entire globe by providing high quality products with value added service.

Our Quality

We have our own QC (Quality Control), QA (Quality Assurance) lab. And there is a team of experienced. This Team observes the quality of productivity from the beginning of the product to the end. As a result, you get modern and quality full Ultra Zest Food Products.

The Management

Our professional management team have proven record of managing the quality and safety aspects of products in the food and beverage industries and is committed to ensure the highest standards during product sourcing, manufacturing, and packaging.

The Comments

We wish to bridge the gap between the expatriates and Bangladeshis, financially and emotionally. We expect to bring the taste, fragrance, and freshness of Bangladeshis all over the world.